Why are numbers important

Why are numbers important?

Disaggregated data is important in the fight against discrimination because it allows for a more detailed and nuanced understanding of the ways in which different groups are affected. By breaking down data into smaller categories based on factors such as race, gender, and socioeconomic status, researchers and policymakers can identify specific areas where discrimination is occurring and target their efforts to address it. This type of data can also be used to measure progress in reducing discrimination over time and to identify any disparities that may be emerging. Additionally, disaggregated data can be used to inform the design of policies and programs that are intended to promote equity and inclusion. you can find the full report on our website https://aec-dk.org/aec-reports/   #aecdenmark #padindk2021 #padindksurvey2021 #afroempowermentcenter #disaggregateddata #equity #inclusion #nodiscrimination

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