Did you know that it is the International Decade for People of African Descent?

Many do not. It has been a challenge to find any mention of it in Danish media or even by anti-racism organizations. Why? Why is the media not talking about it? I can only assume, that it is probably for the same reason that this celebratory decade needed to be created in the first place.

“In many cases, their [PADs’] situation remains largely invisible, and insufficient recognition and respect has been given to the efforts of people of African descent to seek redress for their present condition.” – Background for IDPAD, UN


In other words, People of African Descent are often not prioritized, insinuating that their needs, and thereby they, are not valued.

The UN, EU and a plethora of other nations and organizations have collected data, analyzed and come to the conclusion that People of African Descent remain one of the most marginalized groups, often suffering multiple or intersecting forms of discrimination. However, some nations still refuse to acknowledge these facts and implement relevant measures/ programs to actively work against it. This is true even of countries which were actively involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, who by their actions then, directly contributed to the ethnic rivalries and discrimination that is still going on today. 

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The spirit of the International Decade for People of African Descent is to promote recognition, justice and development. It is a chance to highlight the important contributions People of African Descent have made, to propose concrete measures which will facilitate their full inclusion and to combat discrimination and intolerance. That doesn’t sound like click-bait, does it. This may explain the lack of media coverage and knowledge sharing. 

When looking at the list of actions taken since the decade started, I gain hope. It gives me hope to see that Germany, in the spirit of IDPAD, will be training their judges and prosecutors on racism in order to help them better respond when dealing with acts motivated by hate. It gives me hope to see different EU countries promoting education and awareness on the people and on the discrimination they face. However, noticing that Denmark, my current home, and France, two countries that were highly involved in the slave trade is not on this list, is disappointing.

See the list of actions taken by other nations here:


Want Denmark to do something to recognize People of African Descent in this decade? Sign or get a Danish voter to sign citizen proposal: Ratificér CERD34. Ask Parliament why they committed to eliminating racial discrimination 30 years ago but have refused to address recommendations from the UN on eliminating racial discrimination against People of African Descent. Ask them why, they are not actively participating in the International Decade for People of African Descent.


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