Black History Month 2022

Day 16 of Black History Month

>>book recommendation<<
Hans Jonathan “The man who stole himself” by Gísli Pállson (⚠ Trigger Warning. Language that could be offensive to some is used in the book.)

This biography depicts the life of Hans Jonathan, a kid born in to slavery on one of Denmarks Colonies (st. Croix ) in the West Indies. The story gives the reader insight as to how an enslaved boy from the West Indies ended up joining the Danish navy, eventually be declared a free man due to his service, only to find himself imprisoned shortly after due to his previous enslavers continuing to claim ownership of him. Hans Jonathan’s fight for freedom continued in the Danish court system.
Eventually, Hans Jonathan would run to Iceland where he lived the remainder of his life together with his wife and kids.

Follow along in Hans Jonathan’s story of resilience and learn about the court case still somewhat famous in Danish legal history. #BHM2022 #afroempowermentcenter

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